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RAPT - Episode 2: Space

In this episode I take you on a tour to show you around all my workspaces.
The cliffhanger resolves ánd we go on a trip to the UK just before BREXIT hits us.

In RAPT I take you along with me to meet the people, see the locations and experience the situations that I encounter during my practice as an extra-disciplinary artist in the contemporary world of art.

RAPT - Episode 1: Summer Break.

This is the first episode of RAPT. This episode contains a short introduction to the concept of RAPT, a brand new nautical project and a curated summary of the past 6 months.

In RAPT I take you along with me to meet the people, see the locations and experience the situations that I encounter during my practice as an artist in the contemporary world of art.

Watch the first episode of RAPT here:

As part of the exhibition EXOBROCA at the Heimdal Kunstforening a collaboration with the Norwegian sound Innitiative Klubb Kanin will take place the 25th of May. This will take the shape of a sound performance in the public space.

Wander into the world of EXOBROCA, as your mind tugs and your body takes over.
A world of systems, methodology and experiments that require sonic exploration and follow pathways of a neurological kind. Where you may find yourself in flow or your comfort zones defied.

From the 27th of April till the 26th of May my solo show EXOBROCA is on display in the Heimdal Kunstforening in Heimdal Norway. Here six works, of which four new ones, will be on display.
Documentation of these four new works will slowly be made available online during the duration of the EXOBROCA.

SKAUHYTT has become a residence at Het Kunstgemaal in Bronckhorst (NL).
During Het Erfgoedfestival over grenzen van Gelderland, from the 23rd of Mai till the 22nd of Juli, SKAUHYTT it has been the home of nine different artists.
From the 27th of October 2018 till the 6th of Januari 2019 we'll host an exhibiton with these artists inside Het Kunstgemaal in Bronkhorst (NL).

The opening will take place on the 27th of October from 14:00 till 17:00. Feel free to join us in the festivities!

You can find more about their adventures and experiences at www.skauhytt.com, our Instagram and Facebook.

Skauhytt on tour visits Mister Motley.
Thank you Nancy de Graaf, Melle Nieling, Emma Priester and Lieneke Hulshof!
Greetings from Skauhytt opens tomorrow from 14:00 till 17:00 in Het Kunstgemaal.

VICE creators (NL) came to visit us and wrote an article about SKAUHYTT:

Proudly I announce being selected for the N.E.W. 12 Program (Nieuwe Electronische Waar). On April 7 2018 we had a launch party from when the selection of the most promising producers of the eastern Netherlands were released on Spotify.

You can listen to my track Troden here: